ignite Children Sundays

At St Mary's church every week the children are signed in and parents given a card at the front desk before the service begins. The children and the youth start in the main service with the rest of the church family, Kindling, Sparklers and Blaze leave after the first couple of songs after a prayer has been said for them. Inferno, Fuel and iBurn remain in the service for the first remaining set of worship and go out once the ignite team start to gather at the back of the church. 
Kindling (Age 0-3)

Kindling is a supervised creche which meets in the blue room, allowing parents to enjoy the main service knowing their child is in a relaxing environment, with lots of toys and being safely looked after by our volunteer team. 

Kindling Logo 2012
Sparklers (Age 3-Reception)

Every week our Sparklers group enjoys high energy worship songs, one of the great stories of faith told in an age appropriate and interactive way and a chance to respond on their own terms through play, craft, prayer and creativity. All this happens in the green room.

Sparklers Logo 2012
Blaze (Years 1-3)

We gather in the ignite centre, this group provides space to have some free time which allows them to form friendships at Church and as well as this we have group games. Then a good amount time is spent exploring a Biblical topic anything from christian character like Love to a famous Bible character and what we can learn from them.

Blaze Logo 2012
Inferno (Years 4-6)

Inferno is the place to be on Sunday mornings with toast and hot chocolate to snack on in the Red room. We also play games, get involved with activities and there is always time to read the Bible, learn through discussion and experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and the importance of God in our lives.

 Inferno Logo 2012