Life Groups


Life Groups are our mid-week groups. We encourage everyone to join one because it’s the place to make relationships, be discipled and engage in mission. No group is ever closed to newcomers.

Life Groups enable greater capacity to explore and use each others gifts. Prayer, worship and Bible study are key elements to each group. We recognise that there is also a need to build friendships and enjoy time together as a small group. Groups meet every fortnight mainly on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays and every group is encouraged to have a passion to build us into strong followers of Jesus Christ.


If you would like to join a Life Group, please speak to one of the Life Group Leaders directly, or talk to one of the team.

Oversight Team

Lydia Petitt, Ruth How, Colin Chastell and Kate Matthews are responsible for Life Groups.

Life Group Leaders

Paul Curry
Douglas and Joyce Harvey

Philippe and Ruth How
Martin and Julie Huff
James and Delphine Kennedy
James and Sylvia Lambden
Rich and Sharon Milne

Caroline Macdonald (Women's daytime Life Group)

Clive and Sylvia Williams
Pat and Peter Laker

There are also various Children and Young People's Life Groups.

Contact Jordan for Children and Young People.

See address book for contact details.