The Parochial Church Council meets 6 times a year and is responsible for the good management of St Mary’s. Its members have a key role to represent the congregation and support the Vicar.
Download the Annual Church Meeting (APCM) booklet for meeting on 25 April 2018

Download the approved minutes for January 2018

Malcolm Macdonald   Revd Malcolm Macdonald
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Hugh Taylor   Revd Hugh Taylor 
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Sam Pollard   Revd Sam Pollard
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Lydia Petitt   Revd Lydia Petitt
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Deborah Lake   Deborah Lake
Church Warden

Paul curry   Paul Curry
Richard   Rich Milne
Treasurer and PCC lay chair
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Amanda Hart   Amanda Hart
PCC Secretary
020 8508 3643
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2017/2018 Members of PCC
Malcolm Macdonald       (Chair)
Sam Pollard
                          (Associate Vicar)
Hugh Taylor                    
     (Associate Vicar) (co-opted)
Lydia Petitt
Deborah Lake                  
Paul Curry                       
David Baker                    
   (Deanery Synod)
Jonathan Huff                 
   (Deanery Synod)
Daniel Lake                     
    (Deanery Synod)
John Swan   
                        (Deanery Synod)

Richard Milne                   (Treasurer and Lay Chair)
Amanda Hart                    (PCC Secretary - co-opted)

Colin Chastell                   (Assistant Churchwarden)
David Dronsfield
Elaine Ingram
Julie Lee                              (Assistant Churchwarden)
Kate Matthews
Sharon Milne
Michael Smith

Steve Pewsey
Joanne Pover
Colin Westbrook
Clive Williams