Melissa and rob

Rob and Melissa cropped

A dear friend suggested to me that today would be a wonderful time to share my testimony of the miraculous gifts of life that God has given to us - and she was absolutely right!

When I was 11yrs my consultant told my mother that it was highly unlikely that I would ever have children. I am not sure why. I was so relieved and delighted to prove the consultant wrong when God gave me the gift of Bronwyn and I was so thankful for my miracle and accepted her as being my one and only child.
In 2002 I fell pregnant but this turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy in my right ovary. This was treated with drugs rather than surgery which enabled me to keep my ovary but left me with a damaged tube. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and we were told that this would make it even harder to conceive. After trying to conceive for some time and due to my medical history we were referred to a consultant. A few months later I began having worrying symptoms and a biopsy was taken of my womb lining. In 2004 I was diagnosed with Endometrial (womb lining) precancer and after consultation with an Oncologist a hysterectomy was advised. This was devastating news and I prayed hard to God as I so wanted another child and with a hysterectomy this would be impossible. It was complicated by my being only 26 and it being extremely rare for womb precancer below menopause, in fact my consultant had never seen it, so the chance of my having a co-existing cancer or developing cancer was high. This was further complicated by the fact my mother had had to have a hysterectomy at 29 for womb cancer. We felt that God was telling us not to have a hysterectomy so we pushed for an alternative. The Dr’s agreed to try drug treatment but said it was unlikely to work and that I must have a hysterectomy if it failed. The treatment worked and the biopsy was clear! Praise the Lord!
We conceived twice in 2005 and once in 2006 but sadly miscarried all 3. We were referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic and testing found no cause for the losses. Testing did however find a blood clotting disorder that causes late miscarriage and stillbirth. Should I fall pregnant again this would be treated with blood thinners during the pregnancy.
After a year of failing to conceive again Rob underwent testing and we were told he was unlikely to father a child. We arranged to see an IVF specialist and they said they could increase our odds of conceiving. We could barely afford IVF so one go would be all we could do. Three weeks before the IVF was due to start, retesting of Rob came back with zero chance of natural conception. So this course of IVF seemed our one and only hope. We were gutted. Two days before the IVF was due to start my period was late. Honestly I was angry that it was missing as I couldn’t start the IVF without it and the clinic was closing for refurbishment 7 weeks later so if I didn’t start it that month I’d have to wait ages. I can’t describe exactly what I felt, but I felt God telling me I was already pregnant and so I did a test and it was positive! We cried with joy and thanked God for this precious gift. I began treatment for the blood clotting disorder and prayed that everything be ok this time. Our wonderful Maddy arrived in 2009 after an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. Praise the Lord!
When Maddy was 8months old we conceived again but miscarried again. Two months later I fell pregnant again and waited nervously, praying to God to keep our baby safe. Our second miracle: Nate was born after an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth in 2011. We feel so blessed to have 3 miraculous children!
We wanted to thank, praise and honour God so we chose names with this in mind. Maddy is Madison Jenaya which means gift from God, God has remembered. Nate is Nathanael which means gift from God. We chose the biblical spelling too.
We are so thankful to the Lord for our gifts! We are also very thankful for our church family who prayed for us in our efforts to conceive and during our pregnancies. A member of our church family also sent me the bible verse Psalm 139:13-16 at the beginning of our pregnancy with Maddy. This helped us greatly and comforted us not only during Maddy & Nate’s pregnancy but also giving us peace over our lost pregnancies. Praise the Lord for our church family!!