tandy and faith's testimony

Tandy and FaithMy testimony on forgiveness:

I was raised in a Christian family and loved Jesus from a small child, but a significant event happened in my life at the age of 11 when during an Easter service we were singing a song and I had a picture of the cross. I had a real revelation of what Jesus did for me on the cross. How he chose to forgive me, He chose to die so that I could be forgiven - I realised even though I was a good girl that I still sinned and that the sacrifice of forgiveness was so great. I gave my life to Jesus on that day and got baptised soon after.
I have had an incredible journey and had many highs and lows in my life. Last year in July, I came to a point in my life where my past was dictating the way I was living my life. I was living in fear and allowing that fear to control all I did and my children’s lives as well. I was going through a process, I was frustrated, angry and fed up of the person I was and who I knew God had made me to me be and that I wasn’t living in the fullness of that.
I had some ministry over the summer which is called sozo, it is a ministry which brings freedom in different areas in your life where you have strongholds or you are in bondage through unforgiveness. It makes you whole through Jesus. I didn’t realize how unforgiveness had made me a prisoner in so many ways. As I began to forgive people who had hurt me in my past and release them to Father God I physically experienced lightness and an ability to breathe as I had never experienced before.
My husband will confirm I was like a new person and the change in my life has been so dramatic in so many ways. I have had 4 sozo sessions and each time it brings in more freedom. Mark says some men trade in their wives for a newer model he keeps letting me go to get a sozo because he gets and upgrade Tandy every time I come back!
I started attending training to be involved in sozo and realised how living a mercy lifestyle and forgiving lifestyle personally and in the family environment has a massive effect on those around us.
The bible tells us a story in Matthew 18 of the unforgiving servant and it says if we do not forgive our brother from our heart how then God will not be able to release forgiveness to us.
Jesus died on the cross for us to be forgiven completely - When you choose to withhold forgiveness you are not really hurting the other person you are only hurting yourself. The other person doesn’t care. Forgiving each other allows God to forgive us and release us from guilt, shame and struggles we face in our lives. Forgiveness is a choice and a process (70 x 7) it may take a while for our feelings to catch up but we choose to do it and God gives us the grace to walk in it.

I have started to teach my children about living a mercy/forgiving lifestyle and I want to share a quick testimony of my daughter Faith.

Faith came into the bathroom and said “Mummy can I please wear makeup?” My usual response would have been no, you are beautiful enough or the bible says you are beautifully and wonderfully made, you don’t need make up. But sozo has given me wisdom…

I asked her why she wanted to wear makeup and she said that a boy at school had told her she was ugly. I asked her if she believed that was the truth or a lie? Was that what Jesus would say or the devil? She replied it was a lie. So I said shall we pray for the boy and forgive him for speaking a lie over you and let him off. So we prayed together and she forgave the little boy. I said to her Jesus wants to tell you His truth about you Faith. I said close your eyes and ask Jesus to give you a picture or a word of what the truth is about you.
She was quiet, closed her eyes and then she started to smile. I asked her what she had seen, she said I see Jesus making me and he isn’t using any make up!! She then smiled and walked out of the room happy.
She has never asked to wear makeup again because forgiveness gave her the freedom to hear God, to hear his truth about what he says about her and to fill her with his love.
Forgiveness is a powerful tool and where unforgiveness can block us from the Father forgiveness can open the door wide!!