Alpha talks

Below are our latest talks from our Alpha Spring 2013 course.  Click on the link to open.

Alpha Supper January 2013 - Simon Pinchbeck

Alpha Week 3 - Why Did Jesus Die - Malcolm Macdonald

Alpha Week 4 - Prayer - Sam Pollard

Alpha Away Day - Who is the Holy Spirit? - Mark Ruoff

Alpha Away Day - How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit and Colin's Testimony - Malcolm Macdonald

Alpha Week 7 - Does God Heal Today? - Malcolm Macdonald

Alpha Week 9 - What About the Church? - Sam Pollard

Alpha Week 10 - Parable of the Sower - Sam Pollard

Alpha Life - Rob's testimony

Alpha Life - Through the Bible - Carl Lee

Alpha Life - I am the Way, the Truth and the Life - Carl Lee

Alpha Life - Hearing God's Voice - Heike Prentice

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