Alpha comments

BeloAlpha Mark croppedw are a number of testimonies from people who have attended previous Alpha Courses at St Mary's.

Hannah - very informative course run by a welcoming and supportive team.

Regina - Alpha is great and gives you understanding of the Bible and the opportunity to meet people.

Shanice - Alpha was an amazing experience and it extended my knowledge on faith. I felt it educated me and improved my relationship with God.  I would recommend anyone to go who is curious, anxious or needs guidance.

Yvonne - it brought me closer to God.

Elaine - Alpha brought me nearer to Jesus Christ. I wanted to know more and it has made me want to continue to know more.  Gave me a family, a church family which I am blessed to have. It gave me very good friends and through it showed me the real meaning of certain things ie. Christmas.  I was broken and Jesus mended me and I know he is with me.  I give thanks and pray every day and it fills me with strength, love and hope.

Nadya - Alpha was an enlightening experience - it enabled me to rekindle my relationship with God.  Great time of fellowship and made new friends.  Great cake!
Lucy - Alpha really helped me understand more about the Christian faith, it gave a dedicated time for reading and talking through the Bible whilst meeting new people.