St Mary's Sharing Project

"The book of Acts tells us how the early disciples 'shared everything they had' (Acts
black-and-white-blur-bowl-1547Inspired by this, we have set up a Facebook group for members of St Mary's to facilitate sharing our 'stuff'.

Regular posts are made by members who have items they no longer need (clothes, toys, kitchen items, almost anything!), offering them to other members who might find them useful. Members can also make requests for items if they have a particular need either for themselves, friends or organisations they might have contact with. Hundreds of 'shares' have been made over the past year and we have all had the joy of being blessed and being a blessing! It is a good way of getting to know people in our church family, and it is awesome to be part of such a loving community who shares so generously.

If you are part of St Mary's and would like to be part of the group then please contact Caroline Macdonald through Facebook, or on 07903983812, or catch her at Church!"