Screen Shot Prayer
Prayer is central to all that we are and do at St Mary’s – we believe that God has called us to be a House of Prayer, which means giving ourselves to extraordinary prayer.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is open for anyone to come and pray.  Please feel able to use the Prayer Room at any time when Cafe Hope is open (9:15am-12:30pm).

Prayer Network
Need urgent prayer? Send a prayer request or ask to join the prayer Network by e-mailing

Sunday Prayer
Due to COVID-19 we are running Revive Sundays with 4 services each Sunday to enable social distancing.  During this period our pattern of Sunday prayer has changed and will be during the Church services. 


Daily House of Prayer
Due to COVID-19 our weekly prayer pattern has changed and we no longer meet in person, but plesae continue to prayer daily as before - these are some prayer points you can use - the Wednesday mid-week service is available online: 
We pray for the needs of the day and for the town.  Wednesdays we meet at lunchtime for mid-day service. 
• Monday (Prayer for children and youth ministry)
• Tuesday (Prayer for St Mary’s ministry)
* Wednesday (meet at 12 noon for
   lunchtime service)
• Thursday (Prayer for Leaders at St Mary's)

Prayer Power

Prayer is key to all we do. Prayer births revival, growth and freedom. Let's learn to pray and wait on God in a new way.  Our prayers are powerful - let's do it! Every few months we meet together to have a an extended time of Prayer.  Look out in the diary for these evenings. 

Monthly Prayer (please continue to pray at home)
  • For the Persecuted Church
  • Foodbank on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:30am
24/7 Prayer Room

Part of our vision is to establish a constant night and day prayer centre here at St Mary’s that will be open to all Christians in Loughton to pray for revival in the town.