Electoral Roll 

The Electoral Roll is similar to a membership of the Church.  Being on the Electoral Roll allows you to vote at St Mary’s annual meeting and also stand for the PCC and Deanery Synod.

Once in every six years the preparation of new church electoral rolls takes place, which means that everyone had to come off the roll and re-apply. The next occasion for the preparation of new rolls is this year - 2019.  You will then remain on the Roll for 6 years (unless you move away or ask to be removed).
Please read the form and if you have been baptised and either live in the Parish of St Mary’s or live outside the Parish but have been attending regularly for at least 6 months then, please complete it and return to the Church office or in the Post box above the Welcome Desk.
If you have any questions, please speak to Colin Westbrook the Electoral Roll Officer for St Mary’s or the Church Office.  
As the Electoral Roll falls under the Church Representation Rules a separate Privacy Notice has been issued for this - which can be read here.  

The  Electoral Roll will be held by the Electoral Roll Officer and a copy will also be available in the Church Office.    

Electoral Roll Privacy Notice                Click Here to Apply